Information For Authors

Jarida la Mnyampala is an academic journal under the Department of Kiswahili of The St Johns’ University of Tanzania. The journal publishes papers on topic related to Kiswahili Linguistics, Kiswahili Literature and Kiswahili Culture. Papers are to be written in Kiswahili language only. The journal is open to Language experts, Kiswahili stakeholders, Kiswahili speakers, readers and, writers. Soft copy should be sent through email

The first page of the manuscript should include the title of the paper, author’s name, institution, phone number and email. The paper should be typed, Times New Roman, font size 12, word program, 1.5 spaced on A4 size paper and normal margins on all sides. Also, the paper should have an abstract of words ranging from 150-200 below the author’s information. Length of the paper should be 3000-5000 words. The manuscript should adhere to APA 6th edition referencing style. In text referencing should include the last name of the author followed by the year of publication. Also, include page(s) for direct quotation. All cited works should be listed at the end of the paper and should be arranged in alphabetical order. Works should be original, well edited and free from plagiarism.

 All examples, tables, pictures, drawings, maps, graphs and photos should appear in a respective page and have to be elaborated if necessary. Illustrations should be used to a minimum.

On submission manuscript undergoes in-house review by Chief Editor to ensure that it meets the requirements of the journal before it is sent to external reviewers. In case the manuscript does not meet the stated criterion then it is return to the author for changes before resubmitting.